TACC: Making life better for older adults in your community

The Area Agency on Aging Advisory Councils of California, better known as TACC, represents California’s network of 33 Area Agencies on Aging. TACC comes together quarterly to:

  • Learn through the exchange of information, ideas, trends, and exposure to new models of service delivery,
  • Advocate on issues of concern in local/state planning processes, and
  • Strengthen the effective advocacy and leadership skills of local advisory councils.

TACC was established by the Older Californians Act. TACC has operated continuously for over 40 years with the mission of opening communication and collaboration among local advisory councils and key state partners. TACC is administered by the California Commission on Aging.

TACC is fully funded by California Tax Check-off line 400. Your contribution to the California Seniors Special Fund supports this important work.

A group shot of all the commissioners
TACC Members
June 2019

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